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10 Years of Incredible Journey of UltimateTube

Dear UltimateTube.com Community,

UltimateTube is the costodian of this community, but it's owned by everyone who contributes with videos,  posts, comments, shares, and visits. Many, many people have passed through the community, leaving an indelible mark. 

I salute all of the folks, and there have been many, who've been a force for good in my life and helped us all to take this community into one of most sought after Christian social networking sites in the internet world.

Thank you to those who paused here for a bit before continuing on your journeys, and for those who have stuck with us. There are people out there RIGHT NOW who haven't yet discovered the UltimateTube community, and who are going to help us keep it amazing in the future. I can't wait to welcome them into a community of uplifting the Name of Jesus!! . Without all of you, there is nothing here.

It's been 10 years, but there is still a lot to learn and a lot to teach. It still feels like day one. The pace of innovation has increased, and the stakes are higher. We strive to share, adapt, and become the most sought after Christian website out there, we are here to impact the world. Thank you for creating a space to do that every day. Together, we dig deeper and go farther than would be possible without each other. Let's keep it going and growing for the next ten years.

With lots of Love and Joy
SiteAdmin (B. John)

773   6 years ago
Welcome to New Year 2018

UltimateTube.com is happy to welcome all members to new year 2018. We are excited about our journey into a new year. We are privileged to serve you even better in new year.

697   6 years ago